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Another beautifully shot film by longtime collaborator Bart Sienkiewicz, and our first film together read more...

Sea Breeze

This is a lovely shot and great paced film about a Taiwanese woman and a young Filipino migrant who read more...


This is a sad and beautiful film written and directed by Toby Fell-Holden, cinematography by Brian F read more...

In Vivid Colour

A highly stylized and visually beautiful film, all on steadicam, with cinematography by Alex Grigora read more...

Digital Colour Grading & Restoration for Film and Broadcast

A boutique colour grading studio based in London, UK, owned and run by colourist Jason R Moffat. Davinci Resolve / Revival powered grading suite for HD, 2k and 4k real-time grading. Fully calibrated film and digital workflows with THX cineSpace for complete image control.

I will be working remotely until guidance suggests otherwise. The studio is still open and has the capacity to accept projects on a remote basis. Please take care out there, this virus is no joke!

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