Jason R Moffat - Colour Grading


It's not the most important thing, but it sure helps

This system displays up to 2K uncompressed, multi-layer realtime grading feedback, with audio. 4k resolutions are catered for on input and final masters.

Davinci Resolve
AJA Kona and BlackMagic Design Decklink Extreme 3D I/O
8-core Intel Apple Pro Machines
CalDigit Uncompressed RAID System
Large Format 10-bit, Grade 1 grading display with 3GB/s 4:4:4 support
JL Cooper and Euphonix Control Surfaces

SD/HD/2K/4K resolutions

Incoming Formats:
Although I generally recommend uncompressed formats or DPX image sequences I also accept Apple, Cross Platform and Avid based codecs including, RED Raw, ARRI Raw, ProRes XDCam Cineform/NeoHD, DVCPRO etc, see the supply guidelines for more information and help.

Outgoing Formats:
DPX image sequence,10-bit uncompressed or ProRes HQ, but am happy to discuss alternative formats to suit your workflow.

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