Jason R Moffat - Colour Grading

Before and After Showreel

Not always a fair comparison with flat/log formats widely used today, but these sorts of comparisons can serve as inspiration as to what can be realised.

So...2020. what a year, thankfully I can say I have been quite busy, finishing off a couple of series, working with artists, including an epic 8hr film with Curtis Winter & Anders Edström, as well as some commercials, all in all a very varied and a welcome diversion from the relative monotony of 2020. I am in the process of a major website update, as well as a studio update too in fact, so in the meantime, I have added some custom reels to this page, it does not nearly cover the growing array of projects I have been fortunate to work on over the years, approaching over 250 films or thereabouts, but it gives an idea of the talented people I get to work with. More very soon...

HDR is of course fast developing legs, which will be part of the technology update here in the studio, incorporating Dolby Display technology. I have not offered it as a service up until this year, as 90% of my work has been Cinema biased, so let's see what the future holds. Despite these changes in the digital realm, I am lucky enough to still be receiving material originating on film-negative, and long may that continue!

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